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How will therapy help me?
What can I expect from the therapeutic process?

Therapy or counseling is a "conversation with a purpose".  The therapist strives to meet the client where he or she see the world through the eyes of the client.  The goals of therapy are determined in collaboration by the therapist and client and are individualistic in nature based on what the client desires to gain from participating in this therapeutic relationship. The therapeutic process involves meaningful dialogue between the professional providing the service and the client, often related to sorting through mental health difficulties and creating a path to recovery and wellness.

Therapy has been proven to show improvements in various areas of one's emotional, social, and physical wellbeing, including, but not limited to, some of the benefits listed below;

  • decreased difficulties within daily living

  • increased sense of happiness and contentment

  • repaired and enhanced personal relationships

  • improved functioning at work

  • increased activity, reduced social isolation

  • fewer doctor visits for physical symptoms

  • decreased use of mental health inpatient facilities                                                                                                                                                                                                     All leading to an increased quality of life and overall life satisfaction 

The length of therapy depends on many factors unique to the individual and to the scope of issues to be addressed. Generally, the client senses that therapy has been successfully completed when major challenges have been overcome. Clients will notice that they have new energy, interest, and enthusiasm about other aspects of their life - as well as the confidence to tackle new challenges on their own.


Successful psychotherapy also depends on maintaining the momentum of the work. Thus, committing to attend regularly set sessions is important. Most clients find weekly sessions the most productive. 

How long will I need to participate in therapy?

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